Hi there friend!

I’m Ishan Shanavas - Photographer, Artist and Student of the Natural World.

Here, in my newsletter, I talk about my work, while sharing some of the coolest things I come across the internet. These broadly orbit Nature, Creativity and the Human Condition.

As a photographer, I share a photo with a story every week. You can find this at the bottom of every issue (my subscribers tell me it is the best part!).

My website is my online home. It houses all of my work, from my portfolio to my various projects. I highly encourage you to check it out; you might just stumble across something you like!

I have mentors from various fields. Some of them are Valmik Thapar, George Schaller, David Attenborough, Ullas Karanth, David Yarrow, Paul Rosolie, JK Rowling, Yuval Harari, David Perell, Ali Abdaal, Tiago Forte, James Clear, Scott Christian, Hamish Mackie, Mark Coreth, Austin Kleon, Rick Lewis and so many more. The funny part is that most of them don’t even know it yet!

I grew up in Bangalore, and I currently study at Ashoka University, India.

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Nature, Creativity, Writing, and The Human Condition


Ishan Shanavas

Photographer, Artist and Student of the Natural World