Love this edition, Ishan! So many gems but I’ll limit my feedback to a few points:

1. I would sell the calendar (if it’s feasible for you). Because a) it looks amazing and I would love to buy one if it’s available in Canada. 2) the sooner you start making money as a creator, the more credibility you have. A lot of people talk about the need to amass big social media followings (and that can help you sell more) but it’s the people selling their art that have the real credibility. Plus the sooner you start selling, the sooner you get feedback on what customers want more or less of in future products.

2. I love Humans of New York and can’t wait to hear more about your similar project.

3. Love this passage:

“Street photography is the art of capturing everyday moments in life. Its craft lies in finding beauty in the most mundane experiences and freezing them on camera.”


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Being passionate about street photography myself, I can totally relate here, Ishan. But if the pictures you have included above are yours, well, congrats, my friend: these were worth the hassle. Keep it up. Photography is a lot like writing, it helps you make sense of things that you were unable to see in the first place (in the case of writing, of things you didn’t even know you were thinking -- at least it does for me). Well done. :)

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